The start of a new chapter

Our story

I founded the brand under the name Lux & Terra in 2019 and began sharing my journey learning perfumery on YouTube since I was frustrated with the lack of accessible and professional information about perfumery online.

When I started out, I shopped all over the internet for my perfumery supplies, some of which were good, others a complete waste of money and time.

The idea with The Fragrance Foundry (established 2023) is to put all of the products which offer the best balance between quality and value all in once place, meaning you can simply focus on your perfumery knowing you have the best tools for the job. I purchase most of our products in bulk to ensure you get good prices.

Sam Macer, Perfumer at The Fragrance Foundry.

Designed in Ukraine

Our Logo

We're proud to have our logo designed in Ukraine in 2023. The anvil represents our promise to provide you with reliable tools to forge your fragrances with. The globe symbolises our aim to aid you with your perfumery wherever you are in the world.

Every order shipped from our UK headquarters contains a collectible The Fragrance Foundry card. These will be indivudually numbered and printed in limited runs, each subsequent run with a new unique pantone (pure colour) ink. This is so that you can be a part of our journey and take a piece of our history with you. We've selected neon blue for our first ever print run of 500 (October 2023).

Learn how to make perfume

Free training

We provide free perfumery training via our blog and on YouTube.

Our perfumer Sam teaches you everything from the basics, including how to properly work with and learn your raw materials, to guides for making accords and complete perfume projects which you can follow along with.

Sam also offers paid online perfumery tutoring sessions which you can book here.

Free training on YouTube

Gain access to industry leading tools

Our supplier network

We purchase from our curated supplier network around the world in bulk so that you can benefit from the same level of quality at affordable prices, without having to meet large minimum order quantities when you only need a small amount of product. We offer an economy product range of dependable staples.

We also work with leading suppliers of natural raw materials and glassware used by perfumers in the industry in their creations for the high-end brands. See our premium raw materials and premium retail packaging ranges.

View our premium naturals

Our leading perfumery app

Creators of Formulair

We launched Formulair in 2021, which is now the leading perfumery formulation app on the Apple App Store. Formulair is available on iOS and Mac OS and is designed with apprentice and hobbyist perfumers in mind.

We are working towards making a similar tool available to Android and Windows users in the future.

Visit the Formulair website