Raw Materials

We have a small range of exquisite naturals which can't easily be obtained elsewhere, produced by renowned manufacturers in the perfume industry such as Biolandes and Payan Bertrand. We also offer a range of useful synthetics.

All of our raw materials are vetted for quality by our perfumer before being made available for sale. We aim to bring you the lowest cost product which doesn't compromise on quality.

Our commitment

  • Our raw materials are sold by weight, not volume, for easy costing inside your formulation software.
  • Our raw materials come with pre-printed 10%, 1% & 0.1% dilution labels in case you want aesthetic labels but don't have a label printer.
  • We never underfill, only overfill. For example, if you order 10 g you might get 10.2 g but never 9.9 g.
  • We state which documentation we have available for each of our raw materials on their product pages so you can be confident when it comes to getting a CPSR.
  • We use premium packaging for our raw materials to keep them protected and your workspace looking sleek.

Note this applies to our individual The Fragrance Foundry raw materials but does not extend to our starter kit which is manufactured by Harrison Joseph (for logistical reasons).

Premium naturals