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The Fragrance Foundry

Perfumery raw materials starter kit

Perfumery raw materials starter kit

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The Fragrance Foundry has partnered with Harrison Joseph to offer a beginner's perfumery kit.

Non-UK customers can purchase the kit by ordering directly from Harrison Joseph (you need to sign up on their website in the top left - put my name as a referral for speedy approval). Harrison Joseph is a supplier of perfumery raw materials with a focus on unusual and exotic raw materials which can't be found elsewhere.

Kit contains 10ml of the following 30 raw materials:

Lavender Bulgaria EO, Bergamot FCF, Evernyl/Veramoss 10%, Patchouli Crude Indonesia EO, Ambermor DL or Ambrofix (10%), Iso E Super, Methylionone gamma (Alpha Isomethyl Ionone), Hedione, Helional, Ethylene Brassylate, Rosessence 50%, Ethyl maltol, Coumarin 10%, Benzyl Salicylate, Amyl salicylate, Dihydromyrcenol, Galaxolide 50, Orange 5x Brazil, Anisaldehyde, Florol, Labdanum Absolute or Resinoid 50%, Vanillin, Muscenone 10%, Veratraldehyde 20%, Vertofix coeur, Lemon oil, Aurantiol 50%, Aldehyde C18, Eugenol Pure, Cassis base 50%.

FREE BONUS: Gardenia HS base sample + Formula to make your own (to be kept confidential, for your personal use only). This is one of Harry's signature floral bases and smells fantastic.

Note: This product is shipped by our partner, Harrison Joseph, and will ship separately and according to their shipping timescales.

Note: For documentation availability, please contact Harrison Joseph.

Curiosity Upgrade

From Harrison Joseph: It's always a challenge to make a kit that both covers the basics and allows the possibility of innovative, new directions for budding perfumery students. Since I've sort of developed a reputation for weird and wonderful materials here, we've decided to do an add-on upgrade for those of you who are feeling adventurous or want to sample some of the more modern and trend-setting notes in perfumery.

This upgrade includes:

Operanide (5ml)

Mimosal 10% (10ml)

Leather Carbonate 10% (10ml)

Almond Pyrazine 1% (1ml) (POWERFUL!)

Ecomusk R (10ml)

Plus a variety of other samples in smaller amounts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Karel Kulm
Perfumery raw materials starter kit well worth it

Just got the starter kit and it's really good!
Well worth the money. I had a look at trying to collate a similar kit and unless you have a friend who's a supplier then you won't find it cheaper.
And not to even mention all the super useful videos on Youtube on Sam's account. Couldn't recommend enough.
Makes the starting off experience really exciting!!

Syafie Nazley
Amazing materials and lab equipment, Fast delivery

I am glad I purchased the perfumery equipment and raw material starter kit. The lab equipment quality is good. the raw materials were safely packaged and also good quality. Excellent customer service by Sam. Thank you, Sam for getting me started :)