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Perfumery rack

Perfumery rack

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These perfumery racks are custom made to aid with workspace organisation. They allow ingredients to be stored in a familiar place and also facilitate carrying ingredients between different workstations.

The 25 mm version fits the 25 mm diameter bottles which are commonly used for most aromachemicals and essential oils. Holds 24 bottles in a 3x8 array.

The 29 mm version fits the 29 mm diameter bottles sold in this web store, and holds 24 bottles in a 3x8 array.

These racks come disassembled. Assembly instructions:

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Customer Reviews

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Csaba Pargariu
Perfumery Rack

Well... I wasn't aware that they come unassembled (it does say that on the purchase page though, I just did not read that part). As I am clumsy, I did glue them together, but fell apart. 🤣 Again, this was my mistake, as I have just seen the instructions on how to assemble them. (I glued the parts that come together, the pins of whatever you call that) Anyway, just bought another one and will use the glue (as it comes with a large glue pack as well) to assemble both. Again, I'm the worst diy guy, so I know it was my fault. 🤣 Other than that, I like that you can fit 2 of these useful racks in the plastic boxes he suggested in the vid about storage. So it seems to be a good idea. I will give an update, as soon as I get the second rack and I promise you that if I can assemble it, you will most likely be able too. 🤣

Kardo Kaldewey
Very well made

I just started DIY perfumery and became aware of this product watching the incredibly helpful and informative youtube videos of Sam.
This rack helps to keep my raw materials in order and is very well crafted, as expected.

Thanks a lot again, for offering a great product, invaluable input about perfumery and your generosity.

All the best from Germany.