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Aldehyde C12 Lauric

Aldehyde C12 Lauric

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Aldehyde C12 Lauric comes in different qualities (dependent on manufacturer and material freshness), and this one is a world apart from the cheaper ones you can buy elsewhere. To my nose, this smells like piercing fresh steam coming out of the iron when ironing clothes. It's useful for creating effects such as incense or steam in perfumery, or more commonly to give a perfume lift, sparkle and freshness when used in small doses. Extremely powerful like the other aliphatic aldehydes so diluting down is recommended.
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Customer Reviews

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Aldehyde c12 lauric

Comes in nice bottle very fast delivery packaged very well top quality nice little touch adding stickers for bottles for when u dilute it down like 10 percent 1 percent so on thanks sam

Graeme Peebles
Zesty Superpower

I definitely get a citrusy, waxy orange zest from this but I can see the "laundry steam" connection with further dilution (even just further from your nose). I'm currently playing with a Iris accord & just opening the bottle of C-12 to write this review added a lovely touch that I now know I will add.