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Cypress Absolute (Biolandes)

Cypress Absolute (Biolandes)

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Physical form

Viscous (thick) liquid


Mid / Base Note


Biolandes - A French company specialising in producing and sourcing excellent quality aromatic natural extracts around the world, well renowned by perfumers.


For the SDS, TDS, IFRA certificate & EU allergen certificate, email us at and quote your order number.

The aroma of Cypress trees creates part of the light breezy smell in a Mediterranean forest. The absolute, which is an uncommon perfumery raw material, lasts longer than the more common essential oil (which we also stock). It's deep, woody and mossy.

Very thick dark green, gum like liquid. Heating in a hot water bath is advised (a bowl of hot water from the kettle will do) before weighing out with a spatula (this can be cleaned afterwards with Perfumer's alcohol).

We can also supply 100g quantities but they may have a long lead time, email us at for more details.

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Customer Reviews

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Graeme Peebles

Beautiful, rich, woody, mossy, green, slightly balsamic. Not easy to find and a lovely way to add some natural character to other woody notes & your fragrance in general.

John Dee
Unique in the UK

Cypress Absolute commands respect with its rich viscosity and strength. Dilution is definitely
required, but the potent essence delivers an unparalleled aromatic experience at levels of 10% and below.