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Labdanum Absolute (Ultra International)

Labdanum Absolute (Ultra International)

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Physical form

Viscous (thick) liquid


Mid / Base Note


Ultra International - A Dutch company specialising in naturals for the flavour & fragrance industry.


For the SDS, TDS, IFRA certificate & EU allergen certificate, email us at and quote your order number.

We tried 6 different Labdanum absolutes from different manufacturers and this one was the best. It has a unique honey top note unlike any of the others we trailed, which gives it a special glowing warmth and sweetness. It dries down into a leathery scent profile.

Useful for making Amber, Chypre and Incense accords, a staple raw material in perfumery which can be used in countless contexts.

We can also supply 100g quantities but they may have a long lead time, email us at for more details.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Top quality, and the smell is just beautiful, deep, rich honey like notes.

John Unsworth
Delivery and correspondence

Purchased for Christmas prezzy delivery and correspondence first class will recommend to anyone


This is now my most favorite ingredient. I’ve blended it with CEDARWOOD ATLAS, VETIVER and AMBROXAN. One in perfumers alcohol and another in augeo to use in my diffuser. Both myself and the house smells wealthy and sophisticated. This also helps with my adhd and moods.
Smells are subjective, profoundly so. But I think it’s sweet, Smokey, woody. And I can detect an hint of honey.
And there’s something else I can’t put my finger on. Just a richness. I also now know what gives most of Penhaligons scents their signature. I’m sure it’s this.

Mohammed Miah
Very nice and clean.

Have bought few from other web site like Pell wall found it to be too strong, spoilt my experiments.

I diluted this one to 10%, and it's sweet and clean, not over powering. Made a copy of MFK B540 for myself, didn't have Fir Balsam used Labdanum did the job.

Didn't realise how expensive this was, got more than 10g, this probably last me a year. Hopefully stock up for a larger one.

Dilution was a problem tbh, used a spatula made dilution in a beaker, I wouldn't advice to dilute in a bottle it can get tricky and if you have a scale that switches itself off it can be really annoying trying to make 10% dilution on 1g of Labdanum.

Thanks Sam.

Labdanum Absolute 10ml

A clean, bright and elegant Labdanum Absolute. Deep resinous, powerful and long lasting. Sweet golden amber, herbal, tobacco, beeswax/honey tones with a gorgeous dry woody-incense aspect that makes this a versatile and interesting amber material. Adds sparkle and mystery to my perfume formulas. Good value for money. Good communication and arrived promptly.