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Oakwood Absolute 50% TEC (Biolandes)

Oakwood Absolute 50% TEC (Biolandes)

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Physical form

Viscous (thick) liquid


Mid / Base Note


Biolandes - A French company specialising in producing and sourcing excellent quality aromatic natural extracts around the world, well renowned by perfumers.


For the SDS, TDS, IFRA certificate & EU allergen certificate, email us at and quote your order number.

Deep, woody and luxurious; the smell of liquor barrels.

From the manufacturer:

The oak that we purchase comes from trees growing in the vast forests of the Allier region of France. These hundred-year-old oaks from certified forests are grown for the production of barrels and casks that are used to age the finest wines. The wood is stored and dried for more than one year before being cut into staves. When properly aged it emits the finest tannins, whose qualities are expressed in the barrels as the wines mature.

At Biolandes, we work directly with a cooperage in Bordeaux, recuperating the by-products from the production of oak casks and processing them at our factory in southwestern France to make top-quality extracts.

Full product information available on the Biolandes website

We can also supply 100g quantities but they may have a long lead time, email us at for more details.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Really great quality, and the smell is beautiful.
I recommend it to everyone!!

Tim Robinson
Beautiful Material

I'm also a woodworker and familiar with the smells of oak . This one is special.
Dry, fruity, boozy.The tannins remind me of a dry red wine.Can't wait to start using this! Would be good as part of a whisky accord or with other woods and amber materials. Delivered really quickly and wrapped with care. The dilution labels are a nice touch too. Thank you Sam! : )

Graeme Peebles
Like burnished oak

Having been a woodworker for many years, this is the smell of freshly burnished oak: more than woody, it's warm, almost earthy with a smooth, whisky-like smokey vibe. It's really close to what the workshop smells like when you are just about to apply a finish to a freshly turned piece of oak. Biolandes mention using it as a sandalwood booster & that sounds just about perfect!

Joe Beardmore

Difficult to work with in its pure form because of how thick it is, but the material is actually really nice. It was also nice to get some pre-made labels for different dilutions

John Dee
Unique Material

What a fantastic raw material, a must for anyone who appreciate wood base/mid notes. I can testify that is accurately described by the manufacturer as 'luxurious' having a boozy, creamy air to my nose. Highly recommend.